Message Boxes

There are various types of message boxes with ndless. The following message boxes are supported:

Title, message, OK Buttonmsg
Title, message, 2 custom buttonsmsg_2b
Title, message, 3 custom buttonsmsg_3b
Title, message, string input with defaultmsg_input
Title, message, numeric input with min/maxmsg_numeric
Title and two messages & numeric inputs with min/maxmsg_2numeric

Use it like this:

fn main() {
	ndless::msg::msg("Title", "Message");

Message boxes with more than one button return a variant of Button. Use it like:

fn main() {
	let button_pressed = msg_3b("Hello", "Hello, World!", "1", "2", "3");
	let message = match button_pressed {
		Button::ONE => "one",
		Button::TWO => "two",
		Button::THREE => "three",

Pressing escape will return the first button.