Installing on Linux & Mac

Install Rust

You need:

  • Ndless toolchain installed and added to path
  • Rustup installed
  • Latest Rust Nightly installed (nightly-2020-05-07 works)
  • Unix-like (tested on Linux, most likely Mac and Cygwin will work as well)

Complete install script:

curl -sSf | sh # skip if rustup already installed
rustup install nightly # skip if nightly already installed
cargo install cargo-ndless

Install ndless

Follow the steps described in the Ndless wiki.

Pro tip

Although you can permanently add the ndless tools to your PATH as suggested in the wiki, you may not want to as that will mess with other projects that use arm-none-eabi-gcc and similar commands. Instead, you may set the environment variable NDLESS_HOME to the path to your installation of Ndless, i.e. the folder that you git cloned.

For example, if you ran git clone --recursive in your home directory, you could add export NDLESS_HOME="$HOME/Ndless" to the end of your ~/.bash_profile. If you're using cargo-ndless as suggested, the correct directories will automatically be added to your PATH variable.