Creating a Project

Run cargo generate --git It will prompt you to name it. After naming your project, it will create a new folder with a Rust template.

Get started by running

cargo +nightly ndless build

to start development. Your .tns file will be available in target/armv5te-nspire-eabi/debug/{{project-name}}.tns.

When you're ready to release your application, don't forget to compile in release mode with

cargo +nightly ndless build -- --release

Your .tns file will be available in target/armv5te-nspire-eabi/release/{{project-name}}.tns.

If you have the Firebird emulator installed, you can also send the compiled binary straight to it. Just run:

cargo +nightly ndless run
cargo +nightly ndless run -- --release

You may skip +nightly if you set nightly as your default compiler (rustup default nightly), or set a directory override.