Getting Input

Currently, the ndless crate supports input from the keyboard and touchpad. The input module contains these functions.

Use get_keys to get a Vec of Keys that are currently being pressed. An empty Vec will be returned if no keys are currently pressed. See the following example:

use ndless::input::{get_keys, Key};

let keys = get_keys();
if keys.len() == 0 { /* No keys currently pressed */ }

However, a more efficient way is to use iter_keys, which does not allocate. However, it must be used immediately, as each iteration of the loop checks if the key is being pressed at that time. For example:

use ndless::prelude::*;
use ndless::input::iter_keys;
for key in iter_keys() {
    println!("Key {:?} is being pressed.", key);

Additionally, it may be used like any other Iterator in Rust:

// Print all keys except escape
use ndless::prelude::*;
use ndless::input::{iter_keys, Key};
    .filter(|key| key != Key::Esc)
    .for_each(|key| println!("Key {:?} is being pressed.", key));

Simple (boolean) functions

Returns true if the specific key is pressed. Note that you may pass either an owned Key or a borrowed &Key.is_key_pressed
Returns true if any buttons are currently pressed, including pushing the touchpad.any_key_pressed
Returns true if the "On" key is currently pressed.key_on_pressed
Suspends the program until any_key_pressed returns true.wait_key_pressed
Suspends the program until any_key_pressed returns false.wait_no_key_pressed